We focus on building custom training programs for all sports and all needs. We work with High school, Middle School, Elementary, college students as well as pro athletes and adults. If you are looking to take your training to the next level then we have the place for you. 

Performance Services


Strength Training

Custom programs will be designed by coaches who have lived the true grind of an elite athlete. These programs will assist individuals and teams to reach goals they set in a fiery atmosphere that will push you beyond your limits.


Program Highlights

  • Explosive Strength
  • Linear & Lateral Speed
  • Dynamic Power
  • Speed & Agility
  • Movement Training
  • Injury Prevention
  • Nutritional & Supplement Guidance
  • Mental Toughness


Elite Speed Training

 All athletes can run, jump, cut, and make the necessary movements to play sports, but are they using proper technique? Improper form over time can lead to injuries for an athlete and missed playing time. Build a strong fundamental base with Dynasty to stay in the game.

 Program Highlights

  • Build Sport Specific Running Technique
  • Proper Acceleration And Deceleration
  • Running Mechanics To Prevent Injury 
  • Reactive Speed & Strength
  • Linear & Lateral Speed


Youth Speed Training

Dynasty Performance Training focuses on the details to make you a successful athlete in any sport. We have a dynamic training program set up to take the youth in the area to the next level. This program is ideal for athletes age 8-12 and entails the necessary movements to take the next step. These include Liner and lateral development, Injury prevention mechanics, proper running movements as well and mental toughness.   

Program Highlights   

· Explosive movement preparation    

· Injury prevention 

· Top end linear speed    

· Lateral speed 

· Confidence & mental toughness 


Team Training

Build your Dynasty. Train together. Achieve as a team.

Call Dynasty today to set up a Team Training program and watch your team hit new goals.


Adult Services


 Our Adult Training programs are for all fitness levels and are offered in 1-on-1 settings or in groups. We offer a variety of times so making the gym part of your routine is possible. 

Program Spotlight

  • Increased Strength
  • Improved Cardio
  • Gain Activating  Flexibility
  • Surge In Overall Health